Thursday, July 30, 2009

a project.

so in an effort to take more pictures/practice/carry my camera more places/post more here i am going to give myself a little project. i am going to take and post at least one picture per day for the month of august. some days the picture might be of my bed or something in my home if i haven't taken anything that day. this shouldn't be too hard as i'm travelling for 2 weeks, which should give me lots of things to shoot. but if any of my 2 or 3 readers wants to give me any suggestions, i'd love them!

Monday, July 27, 2009

baltimore people 7.17-19.09

this one (only one of the set) was taken with my casio exilm ex-s5. i don't know how i managed this focus. just luck, i guess.

i need a lens hood.

i love this first of these two pictures. it's just so sleazy it makes me happy and i really like to composition in the first one more. i'm including both because i think they are both so silly!

i usually do not do a lot of color editing but i really liked the composition of this picture and angel's expression but the colors were really dull so i changed them around. she was genuinely scared to climb the ladder.

baltimore skies 7.19.09

this obviously isn't baltimore. it's taken out of the window of the prop plane i flew in between santa barbara and san francisco, en route to baltimore.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

athens, greece 6.20.09

temple of the olympian zeus




this was the last picture i took in greece. my canon rebel xs was having an electrical problem and so this one was taken with my casio exilm ex-s5 which is a camera i don't really like, but it works in a pinch, i guess.

kassandra, greece 6.18.09

i'm fairly sure the fisherman knew i was taking pictures of him and was not pleased.

i initially took this picture because i was going to climb this structure and i wanted a reference of what it looked like. but this seems like a cool shot and i wish i'd paid more attention to the framing. alas!

macedonia tour, greece 6.17.09

thessoloniki, greece 6.16.09

extremely belated... sani, greece 6.15&17.09.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

athens 6.20.09

i have a lot of pictures from greece and haven't bothered to deal with most of them yet. here's a preview. this is from the acropolis, i'm forgetting which building at the moment...