Thursday, October 29, 2009


I wanted to write "reminder, ladies" because only ladies had responded, but I didn't want to be sexist. I hope dudes is genderless enough.

SUNDAY, which is 3 days away (2 for those of you east of me) is the beginning of November and thus, the beginning of the month-long Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day Photo of the Day Project!! It goes like this:
-Check out the OED Word of the Day (go here to add it to your Google Reader, it's posted around midnight Greenwich Mean Time which is the evening the night before for us on the left side of the pond, so you have plenty of time to think about it before you go to bed) every day in November.
-Take a photo of anything you see that day that somehow relates to the OED Word of the Day. Interpret this as you will.
-Send the photo or a link of it to me at lampe3[at]gmail[dot]com. Let's aim for getting to to me by noon my time (PST, so that gives you till 3 EST if that's where you are) the following day. Also, send me the definition you used. Some of the OEDWOTD words have lots of definitions. I haven't decided if I'll include the definitions in the post or not. A good number of you said you'd be interested, so I'll wait if you tell me you're sending one in. Oh, and if you send one late, I'll just add it to the post late if that's cool.
-I will post all the photos, including mine, in one post. If you'd like, I can link your blog/facebook/site/whatever if your photo is clicked, but tell me.

That's it! It will be awesome!

A side note: I use an SLR which takes photos in a 2x3 ratio. Most non SLR cameras take photos in a 3x4 ratio. If everyone else's are in 3x4, then I'll adjust mine to be 3x4 also so it looks uniform. If there is an array of sizes, I'll do whatever I want, but I won't crop or retouch your photo.

Sorry for not posting photos. I have a few I'll try yo get on here before November starts...

Friday, October 2, 2009

butterflies 9.20.09

there was a butterfly garden at the santa barbara museum of natural history that closed on the 21st. i don't care if it's corny, i love butterflies.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

another project?

Does any of my three readers want to do a project with me for a month? I am thinking one like this but maybe with the OED word of the day because OED >> Websters. If anyone wants to do this and gets back to me TODAY, we could start today since it's Oct 1. Or, maybe we could start Nov 1. It just seems to make sense to start at the beginning of a month.

You can subscribe to the OED Word of the Day on your Google Reader by adding this link: to your reader.