Thursday, January 29, 2009

side note.

just a side note. i've been using picasa (google's image hosting site) to upload my pictures. however, i've noticed a real reduction in color quality. this has been especially apparent in the kaki king, butterfly preserve and sea center pictures. it's not a huge deal. but if any of the three people who read this can suggest a better (free or really cheap) image hosting website, i'd be grateful. i don't want to use flickr because you have to agree to flickr basically being able to use your images without permission and i don't really want to agree to that. google (and facebook, and others) make you agree to similar terms, but i think it's more common on flickr since it's so widely used.



falnfenix said...

maybe fotki? i can't remember their ToS...but i liked the site.

also, the captcha for my comment is out flan. i disagree. in, flan. in mah belleh!

bekkah said...

thanks! i looked at fotki and the kaki king picture didn't look too different, but i'll check in more detail later :)


falnfenix said...

definitely do...and let me know your observations? i've been thinking about digitizing and storing all my old photos, but haven't had time to really look for a good host.

and now i want flan for breakfast. mmmmmmmmm.