Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3:30 project - my bedroom, plus two other things 8.5.09

so today i was supposed to fly to maryland and be mid-flight at 3:30. but instead, my plane hit a goose during takeoff and we had to land again, my flight was cancelled and i couldn't get another one for today.

that's not a particularly beautiful picture, but at least the subject is interesting.

i try not to write about my personal life in this blog, but i am trying to explain my 3:30 picture and why i am so boring again.

so i went home and was cranky and sorry for myself for a while and then decided to finally get around to making a perpetual photo calendar. i am pretty proud of it, but it's not put together as nicely as the one on photojojo.

so, at 3:30, I was in my room cutting photos. thus:


Vlad said...

this is way cool! what do the last four pictures stand for though?

bekkah said...

on the calendar? they are just random photos i've taken and are just there to make the calendar a nice rectangle instead of choppy!